Things to do in Shanghai, China

Things to do in Shanghai, China

The city of Shanghai, China is the most populous city in China. Over 23 million people call this city their home, making it a metropolis like New York City. It is also a favorite destination for many travelers. The mix of the modern amenities of a big city and the cultural and historical elements of the city offer its visitors many things to do. Business travelers and tourists both like to include the city of Shanghai on their list of places that they need to see. The city offers a wide variety of things to see and do and it may be hard for anyone to take in everything. If you are taking a trip to Shanghai, these are some of the things that you should consider in your planning.

  1. The Bund – This has been considered a symbol of Shanghai because of the buildings and the waterfront that it rests on. On the west side of The Bund, visitors can see many buildings in just about every style of architecture.  There are many things to see and do and tourists have always enjoyed taking a picture of The Bund waterfront with the buildings in the background. While tourists will visit the Bund throughout the day, it might be best to check out this area at night. The period style lamps, the lights from the building and the amazing waterfront are hard for anyone to really describe. They need to be seen in person.
  2. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower – This site may not have the history that some of the other sites in China do, but it is still impressive. At nearly 1,500 meters, it is the third tallest tower in the world. It is also impressive to see how it was built. It has a very unique design that is almost as amazing as the height of the tower.
  3. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town – This water town is an example of the history that can be seen in China. It is over 1,700 years old. Tourists enjoy the bridges that allow them to stop and look at the waterways that are beneath them. The buildings in this water city allow people to marvel at the engineering feats that occurred so long ago.
  4. Shanghai Museum. This is located in the heart of People’s Square. The museum is full of the art that China is so well known for. The 11 galleries and 3 exhibition halls are filled with examples of pottery, bronze, paintings, calligraphy and much more. It is nearly impossible to take in all that this museum has to see in a single day. Admission to the museum is free, but they only offer 8,000 tickets each day and 2,500 of those tickets can be reserved.
  5. Yuyuan Garden – Like so many other areas in China, this garden is one of the things that visitors must see. The natural beauty that can be seen from the scenic areas is amazing. Despite its relatively small size, the Yuyuan Garden still has plenty to offer for anyone that chooses to visit it. It is open from 8:30 to 5:30 daily and tickets can be bought in advance.

Things to do in Hangzou, China

Things to do in Hangzou, China

In eastern China you can find Hangzou. It is the capital of the Zhejiang Provinces and is the largest city in that province. It is one of the core cities of the Yangtze River Delta. Located in the city is the Hangzou Bay. The location of the city has helped it become one of the most prosperous cities in China and it is an economic leader in the country. Tourists are drawn to this city because of the natural beauty that can be found in the area and the history that can be seen in many different ways. A trip to Hangzou should include the following sites.

  1. The West Lake – This area offers some great natural scenery. The historical and cultural sites that can be found in this area are a perfect combination for all tourists. Visitors can find the best views that the area has to offer at the Ten West Lake Prospects. Visitors can also see some sites located in the West lake area.
    1. Solitary Hill – This is the place that the poet Lin Bu called home. He lived his life in seclusion as he wrote his poetry. Solitary hill is located in the western edge of West Lake. The name is a result of it standing alone in the lake. People are drawn to this site by the natural scenery and the cultural sites such as the Wen Lan Pavilion.
    2. The Tomb of General Yue Gei – This site takes up 4 acres of the West lake area. The tomb has been torn down and rebuilt many times through the years. It offers people a view of what life was like 1000 years ago. Pictures on the wall of the tomb tell the general’s life story.
    3. Six Harmonies Pagoda – Tourists love to visit the pagodas that can be found in China and this is one of the most popular. The amazing display of architecture brings people to the gates of this pagoda. Tourists also can get great views of the Qiantang River from the Qiantang River Bridge.
    4. Ling Yin Temple – Also known as the Temple of Lost Souls, this is one of the most well-known Buddhist temples in China. The grounds are full of artwork and other sites that showoff the history of China. In addition to enjoying the scenery of this temple, many people take in a lunch at the Lingyin Vegetarian Restaurant. It is another way to enjoy some of the culture that this area has to offer.
    5. National Silk Museum – Opened about 20 years ago, this museum offers visitors a chance to see the history of silk in China. The museum includes 8exhibition halls for its visitors and allows them to see silk relics that are almost six thousand years old. There is no charge for admission to this museum.
    6. National Tea Museum – You may not see all of the tea in China here, but you will see a museum that shows off the importance of tea in the culture. You can take audio tours that explain everything that you can see in this museum and admission is free.

The Most Interesting Places To Visit In The Central African Republic

The Most Interesting Places To Visit In The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a fascinating place to visit for those who are heading to Central Africa, and lies directly to the north of the troubled Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The majority of the country is made up of open savannah with a significant portion of the country also made up of rainforest.  The tropical climate in this former French colony has a rainy season that generally runs from May to October, with parts of the country often becoming almost desert towards the end of the dry season.

The Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park

This National Park is one of the most important natural locations in CAR, with a diverse range of species that can be found in the river valleys of the park.  Although the park has suffered with poaching and a particularly traumatizing attack on park staff, there are efforts to revive the diversity of species that can be found in the park.  Today the animal population in the national park includes black rhinoceros, elephants, leopards and gazelles, along with several species of wildfowl living in the river areas of the park.

The park is designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, but is considered endangered because of the poaching that has affected the animal population in the park.

The Rainforest Of Dzanga-Sangha

Located in the south western corner of CAR is the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve, which is a large area of tropical rainforest that has some of the most dramatic scenery in the region.  The reserve is particularly noted because of its populations of Western Lowland Gorillas and African Forest Elephants, although it has a diverse range of rainforest species, including the dark-crowned forest eagles with their huge wingspan of around a meter and a half.

As well as being a popular tourist location because of the opportunity to see gorillas, there is also a native population of around three thousand Baka people, who live in villages of mud huts and wooden shacks in the park.

The Pygmy Villages Of Mbaiki

One of the most interesting cultural experiences to enjoy in the CAR is a visit to the villages of the Pygmy tribes near the town of Mbaiki, which is in the south of the country.  The culture here is quite different to much of the rest of the country, with some tribes working with tourist businesses in the region to provide cultural experiences to visitors, showing how these tribes live from the natural resources available in the forest.  This part of the country is also noted for the beauty of its waterfalls.


Bangui is the capital city of the CAR, and developed as an important trading town because of its location on the bank of the Ubangi River.  While the French colonial influence was not necessarily a positive one with the export of so many of the area’s natural resources, it has left some distinctive architecture in this city at the heart of Africa, and has also left some interesting cultural features too.  Bangui is home to several French bakeries, and is also home to some wonderful ice cream stores offering a very unique taste in this part of the world.

The Top Natural Sites To Visit In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The Top Natural Sites To Visit In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (DRC) is a country that has seen an awful lot of disruption and violence since it gained independence from Belgium in 1960, although a recent peace treaty is hoping to bring greater stability to the region.  The country itself covers a large portion of Central Africa, and has only a tiny stretch of coastline around twenty five miles long on to the Atlantic Ocean.  Despite all of the fighting and upheaval in the DRC, there are still some places in the country that can make a visit there worthwhile, with many parks acclaimed by UNESCO for their importance.

Garamba National Park

As one of the oldest national parks in Africa the Garamba National Park is the home to some of the rarest animals in the world, and is one of the most popular places in the region to spot elephants.  The park is home to the few remaining specimens of the Northern White Rhinoceros, but because of significant poaching and lack of investment in protecting the species, it is believed that these rhinos may soon become extinct.  Today visitors to the park will be very lucky to spot one of these animals, but there are larger populations of elephants and African buffalo that can be seen in the park.

Kahuzi-Biega National Park

Another of the important parks that is located in the DRC is this national park that is located in the east of the country, a short distance from Lake Kivu and the border with Rwanda.  The most important species to be found in this national park is the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, which has also seen a reduction in the population due to poaching over recent years.  For visitors going to the park, it is possible to take a guide from the National Park authority who will be able to guide them to the sites where gorillas are most often found, and can be seen in their natural habitat.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve

This wildlife reserve is home to around five thousand Okapi, and these animals are among the most distinctive in Africa.  The Okapi has black and white stripes on its legs and rump that are quite similar to a zebra’s markings, while the torso is generally a brown color with a fairly long neck that indicates its genetic links with the giraffe.  The park itself is found in the north east of the DRC, and is a great place for those who want to spot animals as it has populations of elephants, leopards and crocodiles too.

Salonga National Park

The Salonga National Park is at the heart of the main basin of the Congo River, and is in the central part of the DRC.  This tropical rainforest is quite inacessible for the majority of visitors because there are no roads and very few paths in the park, meaning that most visitors will only be able to access the area by boat.  Those who do visit the park may get the chance to glimpse some fascinating species in the forest, including bonobos, crocodiles, forest elephants and the Salonga monkey, which is only to be found in the park and is considered to be an endangered species.

The Top Places To Visit In Angola

The Top Places To Visit In Angola

Lying on the west coast of Africa, Angola is a country that spent centuries as a part of the Portuguese empire, and was one of the last large territories on the continent to achieve independence in 1975.  Although the economy is one that has been growing steadily over recent years, the majority of the people here are very poor despite the significant mineral resources that are found in the country.  Despite this, there are several places around the country that do attract visitors, and are well worth a visit if you are going to Angola.

Mussulo Island

Lying a short distance to the south of Angola’s capital Luanda, Mussulo Island is a beautiful coastal area that has some sensational beaches and is one of the most popular destinations in the country for domestic and international tourism.  Although it is a tidal lagoon rather than an island, one thing that cannot be disputed is the perfect tropical beaches that are to be found along this stretch of coast, with golden sands, clear blue waters and beautiful palm trees.  The accommodation and restaurants here are of a good standard too, making Mussulo Island one of the most popular tourist sites in Angola.

Kissama National Park

Another of the most popular places for visitors to go to in Angola is the Kissama National Park, which is located in another coastal area of the country some fifty miles south of the capital.  This is the only real national park in the country, and while the animal population was severely reduced during the civil war, this is now recovering well thanks to a number of elephants and other animals that were imported from Botswana and South Africa.  The park covers a significant amount of coastal territory between the Longa River to the south and the Cuanza River to the north, and is certainly the best place in Angola to spot big game animals.


As the capital and the economic driving force of Angola, Luanda is a vibrant city and seaport that lies on the west coast.  Many of the citizens of Angola retain the religion that was brought to the country by the Portuguese, and the Cathedral is a good example of the colonial architecture that can be found here, although it is in a poor condition at the moment.  One of the most interesting places to visit in Luanda is the Fort Of Sao Miguel, which was built on the hill overlooking the city, and is today home to the Museum of the Armed Forces.


The town of Huambo is one of the largest inland towns in Angola, and is particularly noted because it is on one of the few railway lines that offer passenger services in the country.  Having previously been known as New Lisbon during the Portuguese colonial period, Huambo has two stark seasons with a dry season between May and September that is very dry, with a significant amount of precipitation for the rest of the year.  Those with an interest in rail travel will find that the line from Huambo to Lobito offers a very interesting perspective of Angola.

The Top Things To Do In Uganda

The Top Things To Do In Uganda

Uganda is a part of Africa that is well known for its natural beauty, and has several features such as crude oil reserves and gas that could help it to become an economic force in the future/  The country is a former British colony in East Africa that has seen significant upheaval over recent years, and its elections are still marred by allegations of corruption, which have hindered the development of the country.  Despite this, there are some wonderful things to do for visitors to Uganda, and a holiday to the country will give visitors an experience they will never forget.

Gorilla Tracking In The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

When it comes to the natural sites where mountain gorillas are to be found, they are often difficult to get to, which is clearly designated in the name of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.  The park itself is located in the south west corner of Uganda, and the region crosses the border into the Democratic Republic of Congo where it becomes the Virunga National Park.

There is a population of around 340 mountain gorillas living in the national park, and those looking to visit the gorillas have to do so with a guide in order to maintain the rules in place to protect the gorillas themselves.  While the gorillas will rarely actively approach visitors, those who do see the gorillas can see them in their natural habitats, gathering fruit and food and living in their family groups.

 Rafting On The Nile River

One of the most popular and enjoyable activities to try in Uganda is white water rafting, with the powerful waters of the White Nile being a fantastic place to enjoy some of the world’s best rapids.  The rapids here range from calm grade two and three rapids that are ideal for younger visitors and white water rafting novices, with a good range of grade four and five rapids that make for an excellent day trip.  The majority of visitors to Uganda who go rafting will do so from the town of Jinja, which is to be found on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, into which the White Nile flows.

Exploring Murchison Falls National Park

Located in the north west of Uganda, the Murchison Falls National Park is home to one of the most dramatic waterfalls in Africa, where the waters of the White Nile are propelled through a seven meter gap in the rock.  The water then crashes over forty meters to the riverbed below, in a dramatic spray of white water which sends clouds of spray up into the air.  As well as being famous for the waterfall, the national park is also a great place to enjoy a safari, with lions, elephants, crocodiles and several other species resident in the area.

Visit The Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine

For those who are interested in the religious history of Africa, the small town of Namugongo is one of the most important sites on the continent, which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.  The town came to prominence in 1886 when thirty two young Christians were burned to death there after they refused to renounce their religion.  Today there is a shrine in the town which is also an active place of worship administered by the Catholic Church, which is where the pilgrims congregate on June the third every year.

Best Things for Teenagers to Do and See in NYC

Teenagers always have plenty of energy to expend, even if they sometimes have to be persuaded that that is actually the case. An active teenager tends to be a healthy teenager and some challenging projects and pursuits can bring all kinds of benefits to their self-esteem, fitness, friendships and feeling of belonging. If you are in New York City, then there is plenty for your teenager to try whether on a family trip or not.

Central Park and Performance

One place to head to where things are always happening is Central Park. Teenagers can rent inline skates to enjoy a stimulating spin through the park, while there are also plenty of bike to hire for those who prefer to cycle. Ice skating is on offer during the winter months.

Some teenagers might be attracted to the idea of being a circus performer of some kind. Certainly, all that swinging through the air from trapeze to trapeze looks thrilling. If you have the kind of teenager in your family who might enjoy this kind of thrill, then it might well be worth taking to them to the New York Trapeze School, where they can learn how to do it all safely and spectacularly.

central park from above

On Broadway

Broadway is well known as the home of theatrical glamour in New York City and teenagers of a dramatic bent may well be drawn to the bright lights of the theatre world. There are always shows on which are aimed at a younger audience, so it is a good idea to check out what is available. There is nothing quite like the thrill of live theatre and visiting a show could sow the seeds for a lifetime’s enthusiasm. If your teenager craves the limelight, then this could be the best place for them to visit.

New York Magazine is a great source of information regarding the latest shows on Broadway, but you can also ask your hotel concierge or other locals what is on. Hotel concierges in particular have a great knowledge of the best shows on offer, as well as the best places to get a great deal on tickets. It also possible to enjoy behind-the-scenes tours at many theatres, so make sure that you also check out this possibility during your stay.

Shop and See the Landmarks

Of course, one of New York’s biggest draws is the shopping on offer and teenagers are not immune to enjoying a little bit of ‘retail therapy’ while they are staying in the city which never sleeps, or maybe even for some good dining options. Fifth Avenue caters for more mainstream fashion followers, while you can find something a little cooler down in SoHo. Street vendors sell cool T-shirts and the diners are a great place to go for coffee and huge desserts.

Many people come to New York to see what the iconic landmarks in the city really look like and teenagers are no different in this regard. Just about everyone has heard of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center, but you can find a more comprehensive list of New York’s architectural attractions and iconic locations from the New York City Visitors’ Bureau. Visiting these places really does create memories which can last for the rest of a teenager’s life.

Ski Trip

While some may dread the chilling cold of winter, many of us take full advantage of the cold weather and the soft blanket of snow. Many of us look forward to the winter season for great travel arrangements. A ski trip is the prime way to take advantage of the great winter season and enjoy heart pumping winter sports. After an exhilarating day on the slopes relax by a cosy fireplace in a ski resort with a hot cup of cocoa topped with toasted marshmallows. Europe offers some of the greatest slopes for those looking to have a great Ski Trip; including slopes in Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden and More. Make skiing-ski-snowyour next ski trip unforgettable with this informative guide on the best ski trip locations.


If you’re a fan of ski racing then Kitzbühel, Austria is the best place to join 80,000 other fans. The world’s best skiers compete every January in which is considered one of the most difficult and prestigious races. For the adventurous and experienced skier, enjoy a downhill course on the Streif,, which features some challenging black diamonds. Hardcore skiers will enjoy a thrilling two-mile course filled with hairpin turns and steep pitches. Head to The Londoner afterwards for a fresh pint but don’t forget to book at least 6 months in advanced because Kitzbühel gets packed during the race season.


Verbier is widely known as the ski slope with the most entertaining nightlife. Hardcore skiers may enjoy more eccentric alpinism but the Swiss mountain has great amenities to entertain everyone. The mountain is filled with great restaurants and hotels; Richard Branson’s the Lodge being a typical favourite. There are many ski schools for those rookies looking to learn, the best of which is Adrenaline. After heading down the steeps you can relax at a Pub or grab some tasty food at The Cabane Mont Fort; which has a cool restaurant deck slop-side. The nightlife is also world famous and is sure to entertain the party animal. The Farm Club, Fer a cheval, and the Hotel Farinet are all hot local nightspots.


Charmonix is widely regarded as the Mecca for hardcore skiers. Charmonix has five different ski areas with lift access to some of the highest steeps on the globe. The Vagabond is one of the most recommended lodging facilities as the smallest room starts at around 36$, including breakfast. The most southern ski hill rises 9,187 feet and it’s usually advisable to have a guide or thorough knowledge of the mountain because it has so much surface area. After descending from over 10,000 feet of intense ski terrain, kick off your ski boots and relax at the Chambre Neuf. Charmonix is truly an advanced mountain designed for expert skiers. For those simply looking for a family friendly vacation, Charmonix may not be for you. A more interactive ski town might be more suitable for a relaxing ski vacation.

Winter Park Tryvann

The Winter Park is the largest skiing area in Oslo. Flights to Norway can vary in price depending on the season. Generally, some good deals can be found. The park has 14 slopes and 6 lifts to provide you with a great alpine skiing experience. The ski centre is one of the largest parks in Norway. Also, the park can be covered with artificial snow within one day with the right temperatures making the park more accessible year-round.

Other great ski resort locations for an ideal trip include: La Grave, St. Anton, Zermat, and             Alagna.
Skiers and snowboarders know that winter season is the best time of the year to enjoy an athletic, thrilling, soothing, and memorable vacation. Ski Resorts can be the perfect vacation for the family, hardcore skier, or party animal.

10 Ultimate Ice Skating Sites in USA

In  USA, one of their famous sports during the winter seasons is ice skating. Well, aside from the entertainment and recreation it brings to the skater and to the audience, it has also some health benefits. This sport can be played indoors or outdoors. For common people, the very best locations of their ice skating venues are the likes of frozen waters, which commonly occur on rivers and lakes. But if we talk about for best surroundings that bring the best ice skating experience, here are the 10 best sites in USA.

Famous for skatting1. Sun Valley, Idaho: According to Olympic gold medallists, Evan Lysacek, this outdoor ice skating venue has a superb ambience that even it was famous for skiing; it still cannot stop many ice skaters to hold their events in here because of its history connection where all Hollywood celebrities in the last 75 years put their skate shoes and slide in this very place.

 2. Trump Wollman Skating Rink, New York City: It was a very good site for skating. From here, you can overlook the big apple. It has buildings around that surprisingly improve the venue. Not to mention that this place is very big and it was a perfect place to skate for anyone. In addition to this, its owner manages to add more attractions and lure more New York residents to visit and skate on its ice rink.

3. Toyota Sports Center, El Segundo, California:This is the ice skating facility where Olympic gold medallist Evan Lysacek spent his practices. It contains two skating rink venues. One is built for the professional hockey standards and the other one is an Olympic size skating rink. The good thing about this facility is that, it was open for the public anytime and could be a very good venue for kids to learn.

Skatting rink in US4. Rockefeller Center, New York City: Evan Lysacek considers this place as the most famous skating rink in the US. It was a very calm place for skaters. It has also a very good tourist attraction, the statue of the well-known Greek titan, Prometheus. Although it limits only 150 skaters at a time, it was still a very fine place to learn ice skating as they are offering private lessons every time.

summer season5. Leon Black Family Ice Rink, Beaver Creek, Colo:This skating rink is open all year long. Even during the summer season, this rink is still open. And according to famous Olympian, Evan Lycasek who used to skate here every year, the very best time to put your skate shoes on the rink is during the night beneath the stars.

6. Skating Club of Boston, Boston:It was one of the oldest ice skating rinks in the country. It was a private rink though, and it was only open during Saturdays and Tuesdays to 18 year olds and above.  Putting your skating shoes and feel the surface of the ice rinks is like putting yourself to this rink that is full of history.

7. Ice Castle International Training Center, Lake Arrowhead, California: A rink where a lot of famous names slides their skating shoes. It was a roomy rink that was surrounded by walls and barriers. It was an excellent training facility for athletes who seek high altitude training. Situated almost to the San Bernardino National Forest.

8. Ice at the Galleria, Houston:Found inside a shopping mall, this facility has been operating for 30 years now and the skaters from the past have been bringing their own kids. Its rink is built in the central area of the shopping mall and can be viewed by many at the 2nd floor. This is one great activity in Houston that the entire family can enjoy.

Sculpture garden9. National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink, Washington: What more can you ask for a place like this? It was near the Washington’s National Mall and its Capitol. Then inside the facility is a museum-alike surrounded by art collections like the sculptures of Alexander Calder, Claes Oldenburg and Roy Lichtenstein.

10. Alexian Brothers Skating Plaza, South Barrington III:It has a synthetic ice rink and it has a very good ambience good for family fun and dates.


Discover The Dominican Republic’s Best 5 Places to Visit

Dominican Republic is arguably a very fine spot for adventures. There are lots of places where tourists can enjoy their stay. This country offers extremely pleasing beaches and has very rich cultures that can surely enough to complete a wonderful Dominican Republic travel experience. And to give ideas on the best places to visit, here are the top 5.

 1.Santo Domingo: The Zona Colonial

Historic centerThis Dominican Republic tourist spot is regarded as the historic centre of Santo Domingo. It was composed of old colonial buildings that include the famous cathedral. Many people believed that while walking on Calle de las Damas is like reconstructing those footsteps of the first Spanish explorers who reached the place. The place is surrounded with many restaurants, cafes and shops. Probably, the only setback of reaching this place is that there are no museums, it will still worth your time viewing the spots of the Zona Colonial.

2.Costa del Coco:Known as “Coconut Coast” in American,

This tourist spot provides one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Although, some parts are wild, these beaches are great for travel adventures. It will bring a very different experience to any tourist that will try to challenge the waves. Along the sea shores are villas and luxury hotels that provides high quality type of accommodations to its visitors, as well as offering the best locations that overlooks the sea horizon.

3. Sto. Domingo: The Modern City

Aside from the “old beauties” of the Zona Colonial, Sto. Domingo has also its Modern City to lure many travellers. It offers its numbers of museums that contains their rich history. The rivers and coastlines that is surely pleasant to the eyes. And those fascinating spots that was shaped by the Caribbean and Spanish explorers from the “old” centuries. Indeed, this Modern City has a lot to offer. Worth the time for a long stay.

4. Constanza & “The Dominican Alps”

CaribbeanThis spot is likely a hidden paradise inside the Dominican Republic. Lined with parks and streams and valleys, it was a very excellent place for travel adventures. Its climate can produce those delicious strawberries and other winter crops. Tourists can see those hanging and very tall pine trees that were just enough to improve the place. This place is where also the Pico Duarte, highest mountain in the Caribbean, stands.

5. Santiago:

A very historic city in the country of Dominican Republic. Many would say that this city is richer than its country’s capital city. Well, looking it deeply. Many millionaires are residing on this city and they owe it from their very much productive sugar and tobacco industry. Other than that, it is where also the well-known landmark, Monument to the Heroes, live in.

There is no doubt that this country, Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the world that offers paradise. It contains a natural beauty that few countries only possessed. It was a place that everyone can call it a dream land. It was a perfect place for anyone. And it was a place that should never waste your stay.